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Filderstadt (Germany)

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Monschau (Germany)

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Le Mans (France)

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Oslavany (Czech Republic)

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Southfield (USA)

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Shanghai (China)

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Pune (India)

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Solutions for cleaning and surface processing needs

Dürr Ecoclean develops and markets products, systems and service solutions for technical cleaning applications and water-based surface treatment processes. Automotive industry customers and their suppliers, as well as part and component manufacturers from the wider industrial market – from the medical and optical equipment sectors to aircraft construction – appreciate our technology and our services.

Our product portfolio comprises

  • cleaning equipment for the most diverse cleanliness requirements, right down to ultrafine cleaning, plus specially configured loading and unloading equipment;
  • surface activation systems, especially for fluid-based surface treatments prior to coating or painting, as well as high-pressure paint stripping, cavity preservation, phosphating and deburring applications;
  • globally available support capabilities based on personnel and partners who speak our customers' language.

In each of these fields, we adhere to our ECO+EFFICIENCY policy and bring to bear our know-know, our staff's accumulated experience of many decades, and highest quality standards in an effort to satisfy our customers and inspire their enthusiasm. Acting jointly with our customers and for their benefit, our highly skilled and motivated engineers develop innovative equipment which boosts the quality of our customers' products and the efficiency of their production workflows. Our systems make a value-adding contribution to production sustainability and cost reductions, providing an array of advantages ranging from material savings to emission cuts to more flexibility and minimized equipment footprints.

As a worldwide market and technology leader, we are present at production sites in Germany, Switzerland, France, the Czech Republic, the USA, Mexico, India and China with around 800 employees, where we also operate own test centers and laboratories. These facilities, equipped with their own test centers and laboratory equipment, enable us to operate on a global scale while remaining close to the customer, with an expertise spanning all aspects of industrial part cleaning and the ability to deliver fast after-sales service.