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In our endeavor to continuously improve and refine our processes, we have the efficiency of these processes and management systems regularly verified and certified.

Quality Management

Dürr Ecoclean stands for excellence in product quality and for reliability in project execution. Our quality is based on the firmly entrenched awareness of our staff for quality and on a positive working environment. This also includes calling our products, operating procedures and processes into question and improving them. The implementation of our quality principles in production and the project business are governed by the Dürr Ecoclean Standards and the Dürr Ecoclean Quality Management System.

Environmental Management System

Dürr Ecoclean is a mechanical and plant engineering group that holds leading positions in the world market, so we at Dürr Ecoclean observe all relevant environmental laws and requirements and commit ourselves to adhering to the group's environmental and quality related principles as a matter of course:

  • Products are adapted at an early stage to suit a modified legal framework (legal certainty)
  • Low emission products to reduce the use of sound, air and water emissions to a minimum
  • Resource saving products to reduce fresh and waste water, energy and materials used to a minimum
  • Making full use of recycling options
  • Reducing the waste produced to a minimum

Overview of Dürr Ecoclean certificates: