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Ecoclean PZR - Powered Zone Roller Technology

Powered Zone Roller Conveyor (PZR) is a modular handling solution that allows parts to accumulated without contacting one another. Standard PZR are arranged in a series of "zones," with each zone driven by a bi-directional motor. Parts are driven out of a zone only when the next zone is vacant, so parts can accumulate without the need for pallets.

Flexibility of application distinguishes Powered Zone Roller systems from conventional floor conveyors. PZR Conveyors come in standard lengths, allowing a floor layout to be assembled more quickly. Application engineers can place PZR modules into layouts without lengthening and shortening every unit, as is required with most conveyor solutions. The PZR Conveyor's tread and drive concepts are inherited by other members of the PZR family (turntables, shuttles, rail-guided vehicles). This commonality of design simplifies planning and reduces the number of unique spare parts that must be stocked.

Fields of Application

  • Handles non-palletized parts, parts on pallets
  • Automotive parts (cylinder blocks, cylinder heads)
  • Aerospace components
  • Crates, boxes, etc.



  • Unlimited accumulation without shock-absorbing escapements or stops
  • Parts/Pallets do not touch during accumulation--fewer pinch points or finger traps
  • PZR operates only when part/pallet is present--reduces environmental noise, conserves energy and descreases power consumption
  • 115 volt motor on tread section connects via standard 5-pin socket/cable and has sealed gearhead--requires no lubrication (is "lubed for life")
  • Alluminum extruded side rails, aluminum chain guard, zinc-plated metal components, scratch-resistant powder coating leg
  • Common components throughout PZR family