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EcoCSteam – cleaning with steam

Based on the high cleaning power of saturated steam vapor, the EcoCSteam technology patented by Dürr Ecoclean is able to deeply and rapidly clean surfaces of any type of material – without using any detergents.

The process combines high velocity blown air and steam vapor. The air is heated up and is blown around the vapor jet. Because of the air velocity and the steam characteristics, the two media do not mix with one another and the air acts as a protection for the steam flow which is totally used for cleaning.

Fields of application

  • heavy parts cleaning, e. g. wind power gear boxes, locomotive engine blocks and bogies, marine heavy engines, slewing rings, …
  • mechanical parts, e. g. automotive parts (cylinder head, housings, camshaft, connecting rods), stamped parts…
  • plastic parts cleaning, e. g. plastic containers, composite parts …
  • continuous cleaning of profiles