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Mega 86W

For applications where high throughputs and / or high qualities of finish have to be achieved by fine cleaning in multistage aqueous immersion cleaning processes the Mega 86W cleaning system offers a wide variety of possibilities.

On account of the various processes and features available the Mega 86W
cleaning system is used for mass-produced bulk items just as successfully as for fine cleaning of injection system parts or medical components.

Equipment and process

  • Multi-stage washing and rinsing process with hot-air drying
  • Area-coverage cleaning due to immersion cleaning process
  • Parts baskets can be rotated, oscillated, raised and lowered in order to support the cleaning and drying effect
  • Automatic parts basket lid placement
  • All stainless steel pipework
  • Waste water-free operation due to integrated treatment unit AQUACLEAN
  • Throughput can be increased with extra rotation frames
  • Conveyor unit is driven by maintenancefree servo motors
  • Custom programming of process sequences
  • Error diagnosis via plain text display on operator control panel
  • Closed system housing with large sliding doors for optimum access
  • Automatic conveyor

Optional extras

  • Extra rinsing baths
  • Filtration units
  • Injection flood washing
  • Ultrasonic unit
  • Vacuum drying
  • Deionisation system for rinse water treatment
  • Settling tank
  • Diaphragm filtration for additional bath treatment
  • Automatic dosing unit


  • Waste water-free during operation
  • Maximum bath life due to continuous treatment
  • Minimum energy input due to heat recovery
  • Minimum volume of waste for disposal due to concentration of residues
  • Low consumption of cleaning media
  • Flexible adaptation to throughput and cleaning quality