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Residue-free cleaning with just steam and air

Dürr Ecoclean developed the innovative Vapour Air Clean system (VAC) for cleaning components before and after particularly sensitive processes such as laser welding, where no film-type or particulate soiling can be tolerated. VAC removes residues of particles and oil so reliably that it meets the strict cleanness demands of virtually all high-tech applications.

In a VAC module a nozzle system is used to spray steam at high pressure into the cleaning chamber. One of two methods can then be used to clean the products. Either the nozzle system is moved past the fixed workpiece or the component itself is moved past a stationary jet stream. In both cases the hot steam causes severe turbulence on the surface of the workpiece, which removes all traces of soiling.

During the cleaning process a pump creates a vacuum in the lower section of the cleaning chamber. This vacuum is used to extract soiled steam and air. The extracted air is cleaned in an integrated filter system and then fed back to the return circuit to dry the parts.

The constant high performance and excellent degree of cleaning offered by the VAC system makes this process the ideal cleaning solution prior to critical manufacturing steps such as plasma coating or laser welding.