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Assembly & Test

Cam Bearing / Bushing Press

With its acquisition of Schenck-Turner (formerly Turner Bros.), Dürr Ecoclean brings over 50 years experience to the field of sub-assembly and leak testing.

Assembly Technology

Dürr Ecoclean's assembly products perform automated sub-assembly of any parts on the cylinder head or engine block that require torqued or pressed sub-component assembly. This typically includes cup and pipe plugs, dowels, valve seats and guides, cam bearings, cam caps, main bearing caps, and assembly of the head and block ladder to their respective mating parts.


Robotic Cup Plug Operation

The assembly process usually follows the machining and washing process. Some machining operations follow sub-assembly, but this is less common. The assembly equipment can be flexible or dedicated dependent upon the production requirements and part variation. Some parts, such as cup plugs, are assembled after Loctite has been applied to the bore. Seats and guides may require either cryogenics (freezing) or lubrication prior to assembly. Dürr Ecoclean provides all necessary operations and processes to assemble each part. During pressing processes, load and distance are monitored to provide SPC information. During torque processes, torque and angle monitoring is provided.

Leak Test Operation

Leak Test Technology

Dürr Ecoclean's leak test products provide leak and flow testing of cylinder heads and blocks. Testing is typically performed in two stages: just after the cast head or block has been cubed for the manufacturing process, and again after final machining and plugging sub-assembly is complete. The cubed part leak-test determines whether the part has any leaks through critical fluid cavities such as the water jacket, oil galleries, low pressure cavities (head cover cavity), block crankcase cavity and head fuel passages. In the cubed state, the part is often tested for proper flow through fuel and oil passages as well.

Once the head and block has been final-machined, it is washed in preparation of the sub-assembly processes described above. After the sub-assembly processes, the part is leak tested again. This time the focus is usually to test the water jacket and oil gallery. At this stage the leak tests detect whether the parts installed during the sub-assembly process were properly secured. Cup and pipe plugs must not leak oil or water as dictated by the customer specification. Dürr Ecoclean has expertise in air decay and mass flow and leak testing.

Assembly & Test Applications

  • Cylinder heads
  • Cylinder blocks
  • Transmission components
  • Chassis components
  • Flexible robotic stations
  • Manual stations
  • Leak and flow testing
  • Pressing assembly
  • Torque assembly
  • Robotic part handling
  • Load/unload & Feeding Automation
  • Eddy current check
  • Loctite application and check
  • Lubrication application
  • Cup plug assembly
  • Pipe plug assembly
  • Cam bearing assembly
  • Cam cap assembly
  • Valve seat and guide assembly
  • Valve blow-by test
  • Installation of retainer key sets
  • Torque plate assembly
  • Flexible assembly & test cells