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Washed by all waters

Today environmentally friendly watery cleaning has taken on the most important role for the intermediate and final cleaning of parts. Watery media include alkaline cleaners, neutral cleaners and acidic cleaners. They tend to be preferred if a large quantity has to be cleaned and/or fine and finest cleaning has to be carried out.

For surface cleaning in the metal processing industry alkaline media with a pH value >7 are mostly employed. They remove both organic contaminants such as grease, oil and wax as well as inorganic residues like metal chips and dirt. Strongly alkaline cleaners display a greater dissolving ability for organic contaminants than weaker alkalis.

The pH-value of acidic cleaners is <6. They dissolve inorganic contaminants (e.g. metal chaff, pigments, dust) very effectively and can also clean off metallic surface oxides very well – particularly rust and hammer scales.

Neutral cleaners generally have a pH-value between 6 and 9. They are employed for cleaning and degreasing steel, cast iron, light metal alloys, non-ferrous heavy metals, glass, ceramics and plastics. Their degreasing effectiveness is normally less than that of alkaline cleaners. To attain a sufficient level of cleaning we integrate mechanical applications into the system, such as ultrasonics or injection flood washing, for example.

To ensure material compatibility we conduct test cleaning runs.

Cleaning systems for watery cleaning are available as flow-through spray units, single-chamber and multi-chamber systems.

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