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Filtration Systems and Products, Henry Filters brand

Dürr Ecoclean is a leader in coolant filtration and industrial filtration technologies. Services range from local filtration systems for individual processing machines to complete central filtration systems that handle tens of thousands of fluid litres per minute. More stringent quality regulations, growing cost pressure and stricter environmental protection requirements make the filtration and reconditioning of industrial fluids and coolant lubricants indispensable. Filtration systems can separate contaminants from different machining media to extend the life of the fluid. The filtered fluid can then be reused, which reduces waste and disposal costs.

Henry® Filters brand

Integral to the success of Dürr Ecoclean is its Henry Filters brand of products. With more than 50 years of expertise in machine tool coolant filtration, Dürr Ecoclean can provide complete filtration solutions. Dürr Ecoclean is the global provider of all Henry Filters brand technologies and factory support.



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