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EBPR - Endless Belt Primary

Ecoclean’s EBPR Endless Belt Primary conveyor system provides pre-separation of chips and coolant prior to the main or existing filter. A patented positive mechanical side seal prevents chips from bypassing around the edge of the endless belt. By utilizing a proven “upflow” design, the EBPR system achieves over 90% particulate separation from the coolant fluid.

An independent drag conveyor spans the full width of the tank. It operates below the endless belt to remove settled contaminants from the tank floor. The drag conveyor cycles independently of the filter belt, pulling out chips and swarf. It can be run continuously or intermittently for maximum drainage with minimum coolant carry-off. (Overload protection is included.) The drag conveyor’s design permits the bottom of the conveyor tank to be a solid steel plate. The solid plate eliminates screen plugging and damage.


  • Proven upflow design—fluid passes through lower face of endless belt loop for effective chip separation
  • Patented positive mechanical seals on endless belt assembly prevents chip bypass
  • Belt remains engaged with the positive seal at all times
  • Belt tracking and driving mechanism ensures belt alignment with the conveyor
  • Endless belt is fully enclosed in the tank for cleaner operation and longer belt life
  • Enclosed belt wash system prevents floor leaks
  • Drag conveyor operates independently of the belt conveyor for removal of settled chips
  • Quiescent area allows fines and small particles to settle to the tank bottom and drag conveyor for removal
  • Overload protection on belt and drag conveyor drives



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