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ZP - High-Flow Low-Profile Zero Pump

The vertical Zero Pump (ZP) is ideally suited for chip and coolant processing systems where chips or small “bird’s nests” must be transferred with the fluid. The unique design of the ZP allows it to operate “on the floor” without requiring a pit or other excavation.

The ZP’s air-evacuation system maintains its prime during periods of intermittent flow and allows the ZP to function equally well with foamy or non-foamy solutions. Reliability is improved by the ZP’s short shaft design and recessed impeller. The impeller passes high volumes of chips and fluids, but due to its recessed position, the impeller makes little direct contact with the flow of contaminants. This prolongs the life of the impeller.

To protect for power loss and to provide safety in certain installations, the ZP can be supplied with a dedicated overflow containment tank as an option. The overflow tank allows the machining process to complete its cycle if the pumping process is lost for any reason. This prevents fluid from spilling onto the factory floor.

Ecoclean's ZP Zero Pump provides unequaled performance in its product class.


  • “On the floor” design eliminates need for excavations or recessed pits Wide range of flow capacity for large and small machines
  • Vortex-type pump allows chips, short strings and small “nests” to be pumped
  • Recessed-impeller design allows solids up to 2” (50mm) in diameter to be pumped
  • Air-evacuation system maintains prime under foamy conditions, and assists re-priming during intermittent flow periods
  • Short shaft on impeller eliminates need for bearings in coolant and chip areas, increasing reliability
  • Optional overflow containment tank around pump prevents floor spills due to emergency shutdowns
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