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Training Programmes

Well qualified employees are an added value for industrial part cleaning systems offering:


  • Optimum cleaning results with maximum efficiency
  • Guaranteed cleaning quality
  • Rapid fault-finding and correction
  • High plant availability
  • Low costs


The training programmes proposed by the EcoCTec (Training und Education Centre) of Dürr Ecoclean are perfectly adapted to the needs, expectations and wishes of system users.


  • During the Product training scheme, the trainees learn all about the layout, operation, control, maintenance, fault-finding, correction and reporting to the customer service department, as well as the full scope of possibilities of the various cleaning systems. In this way, the user is able to make full use his machine and avoid downtime by quickly detecting and correcting faults.
  • The Basic training scheme provides the information necessary to understand the new requirements imposed for industrial part cleaning. This scheme offers for example an introduction into the various processing techniques and cleaning products, the differences and use of various solvents. Identification of key points which have a major impact when selecting the optimum cleaning system and associated process.
  • Customer specific training is provided according to the themes chosen by the user. This may include for example, special system solutions, safe solvent handling practises, VOC safety guidelines, explosion protection, maintenance, fault-finding, optimisation of cleaning results and quality control.


For further information regarding Training programmes  and session dates, please contact Mrs Katja Mannschreck, Phone: +49 (0) 711 7006 253 or e-Mail katja.mannschreck(at)