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RIO Robotic Input-Output buffer

The RIO Robotic Input-Output buffer is a portable pack-in/pack-out system for automotive part handling and other applications. Base supply includes engineering and manufacturing for most gripper tooling, plus electrical controls programming for the vision-guided robot. Standard RIO comes at an attractive base price $15,000 USD* below similar products in its class. Unlike custom solutions by its competitors, RIO is fully portable via forklift truck. It can be used permanently as a buffering system designed into a layout, or it can be transported and used as-needed on existing systems that lack sufficient buffering. To ease the portability of the RIO, its gripper relies on a servo motor instead of plant air, so no pneumatic air drops are necessary.

After initial acquisition, the RIO's potential for savings increase. Because the RIO uses a standard gripper and flexible vision guidance system it can be more easily redeployed when the line configuration changes. Retrofit mechanical engineering and controls programming services can be supplied at a savings of up to 70% compared to retools for similar products.*

  • $15,000 savings over competitive solutions in class
  • Flexible buffer system
  • Portable via forklift truck
  • Vision guided robot and gripper
  • No pneumatics
  • 22 second cycle time
  • Standard gripper requires minimal customization
  • 70% savings in controls programming
  • 67% savings in gripper tooling engineering


* Price and savings compared to in-class custom design solutions using traditional electrical controls and non-standard grippers.

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