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EcoCAgile tailored to the requirements of the Asian market - Flexible, low-cost and space-saving robotized cleaning system


Monschau/Shanghai 18th of July 2013 - Take a close look at customer needs in China and India and develop a customized cleaning solution – the result is Dürr Ecoclean’s new EcoCAgile. The low-cost, flexible and space-saving cleaning system is supplied with a built-in robot and features most advanced process technology for efficient cleaning of machined parts. The built-in robot of the EcoCAgile is equipped with an innovative gripper which contributes to short cycle times.


A detailed market analysis and numerous talks with customers in the automotive and non-automotive industry in China and India had shown the demand for a highly flexible but yet cost-effective cleaning system. The new EcoCAgile of Dürr Ecoclean has been developed to specifically meet these requirements. Technically the robotized cleaning system is based on the EcoCFlex Classic which is successfully marketed in Europe and the USA. Compared to its role model the footprint of the EcoCAgile has been reduced by 40%. Its flexibility is based on various selectable processes and the part handling with a fully integrated robot without protecting jacket. The new gripper, which is faster and smaller, adds to shorter cycle times. The glazed housing offers ideal visibility of the cleaning process.


The system is configured for cleaning parts, such as crankcases, cylinder heads, crankshafts, and transmission as well as mechatronic components, measuring up to 450 x 400 x 400 mm (L x W x H) and weighing up to 45 kg. These part dimensions cover 80% of the needs in the target markets. Thanks to its modular design the EcoCAgile can be employed for intermediate cleaning processes between different production steps. The parts to be cleaned can be supplied to the cleaning machine manually, via roller conveyor systems or gantry systems.


Highly efficient cleaning technology

The built-in robot transports the part into the cleaning chamber where it gets cleaned by injection flood washing (IFW). During the IFW process the part is flooded with the cleaning liquid and turned. At the same time, a jet creates strong currents and turbulences within the liquid washing over and around the part and removing particulate remains from blind holes, cavities and recesses. A major advantage of this cleaning process is its versatility. The jet system in IFW does not have to be adjusted to target each specific part; it offers an excellent level of cleanliness for parts of most diverse shapes and sizes. The basic cleaning process including loading, unloading and drying takes about 60 seconds.


Additionally Dürr Ecoclean’s EcoCAgile can be equipped with a module for high pressure cleaning and deburring at 300 bar and different tools. The possibility to freely combine these tools, which include a high pressure linear unit for cleaning oil channels, a nozzle rack for deburring surfaces and a high pressure lance, allows for adapting the cleaning process to individual requirements. Part drying is carried out by a compressed air blower system. In case absolutely dry parts are required the system can be equipped with a vacuum drying system.


Energy efficient and low in noise

Besides providing good cleaning results, high flexibility and an attractive price level, another aim of the development engineers was to offer an energy efficient cleaning solution. This has been realised by using energy efficient components such as e.g. pumps and motors. The operation with less exhaust air contributes to the energy efficiency as well. This results from submerged cleaning and high pressure processes which also lead to reduced water and media consumption. Another advantage of the underwater procedures is the reduced noise level.


Effective media treatment

For extending the life-span of the recirculated cleaning media, Dürr Ecoclean’s EcoCAgile comes with an integrated filtration system with bag filters as a standard. Optionally a filter system with automatic back flush filter and also an oil separator is available.

The local manufacturing of the EcoCAgile in China ensures not only short delivery times but also fast and cost-effective spare parts supply.



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As a leading supplier, Dürr Ecoclean supplies automotive manufacturers and suppliers, as well as the broad industrial market, with the latest cleaning technology. Appropriate solutions for filtration, automation, assembly and test systems are also offered and integrated by the Ecoclean Group. With individually tailored technology from Dürr Ecoclean, customers can exploit potential savings for example in unit costs, energy consumption and process time. Dürr Ecoclean is part of the Dürr Group worldwide and has over ten sites in eight countries with approximately 1,000 employees.


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