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EcoCFlex 3 – outstanding cleaning quality, maximum flexibility and profitability

The new generation of this flexible cleaning system is the result of 10 years of experience in the construction of more than 450 robotic cells.

The EcoCFlex 3 combines modern and proven cleaning processes - such as injection flood washing, spray cleaning or high pressure applications - with the flexibility of Dürr SCARA manipulator. The entire control of the machine and the manipulator is carried out via a CNC control. Footprint and energy consumption were again significantly reduced.

Equipment and process

  • The newly developed Dürr SCARA manipulator is specifically designed to meet the requirements in cleaning equipment
  • 1 Siemens CNC (840D) takes control of the machine and manipulator
  • No more loading robot required
  • Consistent use of high-strength aluminum and stainless steel for the plant and the Dürr SCARA manipulator
  • Free choice of cleaning chemicals within a PH value between 6 - 10
  • One-touch service package for plant and manipulator

Equipment features

  • Alternatively use of a 6-axis articulated robot or the SCARA manipulator
  • Alternatively available as self- or externally supplied 1 or 2 bath technology
  • Injection flood washing with the low-pressure slit flood nozzle
  • Hybrid nozzle for removing clamp chips and/or deburring under water
  • High-pressure turret with up to 6 tools for quick tool change
  • Optional energy monitoring system with monitoring all consumption in real time


  • Functional and transparent system design with best maintenance access
  • Independence of robot suppliers thanks to the new Dürr SCARA manipulator
  • Advanced process technology for the achievement of the best cleaning quality
  • Benchmark in energy costs and footprint
  • Simplified operation with a Siemens CNC control
  • Modular lock concept for cycle times from 30“
  • One-touch service and optimized maintenance for machine and manipulator
  • Noise level smaller 72 dB (A)