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EcoCVac: Fast pre- and intermediate cleaning without compressed air

In order not to interfere with subsequent processes, machined Powertrain workpieces are being cleaning from perturbing contaminants between the individual processing steps. This usually happens with dry and energy intensive generated compressed air. With the newly developed EcoCVac Dürr Ecoclean offers an effective dry cleaning system that operates without compressed air. It allows energy savings of about 50 percent at much higher process reliability. At the same time, the plant availability rises since the process chamber of the EcoCVac is cleaned itself by the suction process.


  • Fast suction cleaning of impurities for components of all types
  • Pulse-like aspiration of solids and liquids in less than 3 seconds
  • No contamination of the process chamber anymore thanks to the suction process
  • The vacuum is generated in the non-productive times in the storage tank
  • Significantly reduced cycle times by pre-stressed tank

Equipment features

  • Loading via roller conveyor, gantry or robot possible
  • Various vacuum pumps optionally selectable
  • Storage tank mounted directly to the process chamber or up to 10 meters away
  • Compact Plug & Play unit for easy retrofit to existing cleaning systems


  • Less cleaning effort through self-cleaning of the process chamber
  • High process reliability and availability through simple system configuration
  • No setup work after a collision with the device
  • Short processing times from 1.5 to 3 sec.
  • No risk of recontamination of the component by selective removal of pollution
  • Separate discharge of liquid and solid contaminants
  • No aerosol-loaded air
  • Approximately 50% more energy efficient than compressed air blowing at same investment costs
  • No more pressure fluctuations in the customer's compressed air system
  • Easy to retrofit at any time thanks to simple interfaces and compact design