Services & Solutions


Filderstadt (Germany)
+49 (0) 711 7006-501

Monschau (Germany)
 +49 (0) 2472 83-0

Le Mans (France)
 +33 (0) 2 43397-800

Oslavany (Czech Republic)
 +420 546 123 701


Auburn Hills (USA)

+1 248 745 8500

Sao Paulo (Brasil)
+55 11 5633 3652


Shanghai (China)
+86 21 6689 7200

Pune (India)
 +91 203058-5001


... so your installation runs and runs and runs

On call

Trained specialists are freely available to answer your questions. Also, if an on-site consultation is needed, the Service Help-Line will provide diagnostic support towards the fastest possible solution.

The Service Help-Line is available work days from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Furthermore, we offer a service contract with a 24 /7 Help-Line included in our partner program (where available). The EcoCService Help-Line provides continual competent support for:

  • fast and easy assistance
  • high installation availability
  • effective and cost efficient service assignments


Remote diagnostics

Our experts support you in keeping your installation running with their extensive product knowledge. The Dürr Ecoclean remote diagnostic system immediately gets your installation moving again when it comes to a standstill; fault analysis takes place in real time. With your approval our experts login to your installation and analyse the situation.

The EcoCService Online Help is a breakthrough with its ease of use and provides:

  • faster fault analysis in case of a break down
  • optimal equipment availability
  • high profitability