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Inspection, Maintenance and Service Contracts ...

Frequent maintenance of your machine will influence its optimal productivity. As the manufacturer of innovative cleaning installations, Dürr Ecoclean attaches great importance on consulting with its customers throughout the machine’s life cycle.

To ensure that your facility always runs at peak condition, we offer extensive maintenance possibilities and individual service contracts. So you ensure both the effectiveness and value of your installation.

Standard maintenance contracts

There is never an optimal time for installation breakdowns – for inspection and maintenance there is! The Dürr Ecoclean service team keeps an eye on the maintenance cycles of your installation and arranges appointments with you well in advance. A maintenance contract provides the basis for continuous installation maintenance which is tailored to your specific needs. Therefore we can offer you frequent, dependable maintenance with transparent costs.

Individual partner programs

As a Dürr Ecoclean partner you can take advantage of customized service contracts, which are offered in three categories: Silver, Gold and Platinum. Initially, we provide you with an analysis of your expected service requirements. Furthermore, once the contract has been finalized we continue to remain flexible: service extensiveness and contract length can be adapted at any time.

Benefit from our partner programs:

  • with a flexible answer to your needs
  • for complete cost control in predefined service levels
  • to save on service and repair costs during the complete lifecycle