Durr Ecoclean - When Clean Counts™
Dürr Ecoclean is shaping metal cleaning in America. Their non-chlorinated closed-loop vapor degreasers exceed stringent EPA and OSHA standards and are even BACT-approved (Best Available Control Technology) for use in California. Cleaning results are guaranteed for approved parts. In-stock machines can be delivered in as little as 2 weeks. —The EPA has targeted your Vapor Degreaser? Ask which Green Degreasers™ are built to stock for fast delivery, such as the 81C (most popular) and the small footprint 85C Minio. —Aqueous machines include the programmable 81W with vacuum dry, EcoCBase W3 with infrared drying, and the new EcoCCell chamber washer.
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Dürr Ecoclean - Parts Cleaning Machines

Satisfied with your Cleaning?

Effective cleaning machines to remove oils, grease and chips.

  • Green Degreasing™
  • For clean—and dry—metal parts
  • Fully enclosed, airless-airtight, closed loop systems
  • Easy maintenance
  • Low operating costs
  • Safe for brass & copper
  • #1 in part cleaning quality
  • In-stock, fast delivery options
  • Aqueous cleaning with vacuum dry
  • We are ISO 14001:2004 Certified to demonstrate
    our commitment to sustainability in business

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Fields of Application

  • Green Degreasing™
  • Vapor Degreasing, Vacuum Vapor Degreasers
  • Industrial cleaning
  • Industrial parts washer
  • Solvent parts washer
  • Petroleum washer
  • Transfer washers (inline walking beam washer)
  • Tunnel washers
  • Belt washers
  • Carousel washers
  • Cabinet washers
  • Automatic part washers, automatic parts washers
  • Part cleaning, parts cleaning
  • Part deburring, parts deburring
  • Ultrasonic wash, ultrasonic cleaning, ultrasonic precision cleaning
  • Injection flood wash, IFW
  • Vapor degreasing
  • Oil removal
  • Rust preventative, RP, or rust preventive, rust inhibitor
  • Oiler
  • Oil removal system
  • Swarf removal
  • Immersion tanks
  • Vertical door washer
  • Chamber washer
  • CMM washer (Coordinate Measuring Machine washer)
  • Monorail washer
  • Lift and carry washer
  • Pallet washer
  • Rotary table washer
  • Return to operator washer
  • Vacuum-sealed solvent cleaning alternatives
  • Durr washer, Durr machine
  • Aqueous parts washer
  • Vapor degreaser, vapor degreasing, vapour degreaser, vapour degreasing
  • Metal cleaning, metal finishing
  • Hydrocarbon cleaning of metal parts
  • Basket washer, chamber washer
  • Screw machined and turned parts cleaning
  • Batch cleaning